Josh Blue is a man of many words.

In addition to his comedic talents, Josh is also available for speaking engagements.

Josh Blue is a modern day Renaissance man. Born in Cameroon West Africa in 1978 and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Josh was blessed with biting wit, undeniable charm, and what has been described as an unreasonable amount of likeability¯, all of which have helped guide him through a truly remarkable life. An award winning comedian, former member of the US Paralympic Soccer Team, and an accomplished artist, he's been defying stereotypes and changing people's perceptions of those with disabilities his entire life. Rather than beating people over the head with his message, Josh opts for a more non-traditional, subliminal approach. Many people have come up to me after one of my talks to tell me they have a newfound appreciation and understanding of disabled people, which is really great to hear.¯ Josh's goal is to educate people to realize that those with disabilities are just as capable as anyone else, and in many cases more so.

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